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Business owners need to prepare for their retirement needs

Denver Business Journal (July 2006) Author: Peter F. Tedstrom, CFP®

Small-business owners nearing retirement need to plan for the sale or disposition of what is typically their largest asset — their company. The same amount of creativity and management applied to their business career is necessary to make retirement just as successful. But entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in being creative on the job that they fail to consider retirement issues. Owners generally focus on re-investing profits back into the business rather than into retirement. They haven’t thought about how much is enough until late in the game, when they seek liquidity by selling. Read entire article…


Written by: ptedstrom

Peter F. Tedstrom is the Founding Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc., a professional advisory firm serving clients across the United States. We provide strategic financial guidance to help manage the wealth of professionals, executives, business owners and their families to help develop financial strategies that seek to address all the stages of wealth – accumulation, preservation, & transfer.

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