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Cross Currents

Cross currents continue to push and pull the bond market, leaving bond prices and yields range bound ahead of another Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting and... More

The Dollar’s Ripple Effect

In technical analysis, “intermarket analysis” looks at the way in which various markets interact. Intermarket analysis primarily looks at four market sectors: currencies, commodities, bonds,... More

Curve Ball

The notable decline in 10- and 30-year Treasury yields was one of the main stories of 2014, but lost in that focus was the rise... More

High-Yield Divergence

High-yield bonds bounced back after a weak start to October 2014 but underperformed their stock counterparts. High-yield bonds typically lag stocks in a rising market... More

S&P Is Not GDP

U.S. economic growth has been subpar-right around 2%-during much of the ongoing economic expansion. Yet, the S&P 500 has returned nearly 230% cumulatively  since the... More

QE Ended, Now What?

The Federal Reserve's (Fed) policymaking arm, the Federal Open Market 31, 2014) and decided,  as was widely  expected,  to  end its bond purchase program known... More

Stay on Guard

The latest bout of risk aversion is keeping bond markets "on guard" for additional troubles and negative economic fallout that may keep yields low until... More