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Mark R. Brown Recognized as a 2016 Forbes Top Advisor

The Forbes ranking of America’s Top Wealth Advisors has incluBTI Awardsded Mark R. Brown, Managing Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. on their 2016 list of America’s Top Wealth Advisors.

SHOOK Research searches the financial services industry thoroughly for adequate nominations. SHOOK accepts advisors who meet pre-determined minimum thresholds and acceptable compliance records. A ranking of role models system is created – advisors that are leading the way in offering best practices and providing a high quality experience for clients. A focus on both quantitative and qualitative factors, including telephone and in-person meetings, is imperative. The methodology behind each advisor’s grade considers five criteria.


  • Revenue/ production; weightings assigned for each


  • Assets under management – and quality of those assets – both custodied and a scrutinized look at assets held away.


  • Client-related data, such as retention


  • FINRA Compliance Record – can demonstrate evidence of past disputes


  • Portfolio performance is not a factor; audited returns among advisors are rare, and differing client



The elite group of 200 advisors was selected from more than 13,000 who met the base qualifications. The final list is made up of advisors from all 50 states.



Mark R. Brown

Written by: Mark R. Brown

Mark R. Brown is the Managing Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc., a professional advisory firm serving clients across the United States. We provide strategic financial guidance to help manage the wealth of professionals, executives, business owners and their families to help develop financial strategies that seek to address all the stages of wealth – accumulation, preservation, & transfer.

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