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Mark R. Brown Recognized as a 2017 Financial Times Top 400 Advisor

The FinanciaBTI Awardsl Times has included Mark R. Brown, Managing Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. on their 2017 list of the top 400 financial advisors in the U.S.

The list was created in 2013 to help Financial Times readers possess the knowledge they need to choose a financial advisor. The Financial Times solicited advisers’ practice information from the 40 largest US broker-dealers and requested data for each group’s most elite advisers. Brown & Tedstrom’s broker dealer, LPL Financial, submitted company financials to the Financial Times for consideration. The methodology behind each advisor’s grade is based on the perspective of actual investors and considers six criteria.


  • Assets Under Management (AUM) – determines experience and client confidence


  • AUM Growth Rate – reflects on asset retention, and business development


  • Years of Experience – demonstrates ability to manage assets in diverse economic climates


  • FINRA Compliance Record – can demonstrate evidence of past disputes


  • Industry Certifications (CFA, CFP®, etc.) – proves technical and industry knowledge as well as a commitment to improving management investment skills


  • Online Accessibility – illustrates client commitment and transparent operations



The elite group of 400 advisors was selected from more than 1,500 who met the base qualifications of $400 million assets under management. The final list is made up of advisors from 37 states and Washington D.C., many of whom have been in the industry for a minimum of 25 years.



Mark R. Brown

Written by: Mark R. Brown

Mark R. Brown is the Managing Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc., a professional advisory firm serving clients across the United States. We provide strategic financial guidance to help manage the wealth of professionals, executives, business owners and their families to help develop financial strategies that seek to address all the stages of wealth – accumulation, preservation, & transfer.