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The Wealth Empowerment Process™

Our goal is to provide you with the most satisfying wealth management experience possible. One of the ways that we strive for your satisfaction is through our Wealth Empowerment Process™. Developed over decades of expertise, this valuable proprietary tool fosters a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation and goals, enables our ability to design and implement the most effective strategic path to obtain your goals, and provides you with regular reporting and consultation, ensuring a disciplined approach and proactive plan maintenance.


Part 1 | Clarity: The Clarification Experience™

Through a dynamic interview and discussion meeting, we learn as much as we can about your current financial situation including your short and long-term goals. We then develop a gap analysis to help clarify your expectations on investment performance, retirement goals, risk, estate planning, tax concerns and more. We have been told that oftentimes this is the first occasion when couples have heard each other articulate their thoughts and ideas about their financial goals in detail.

Part 2 | Strategy: The Wealth Empowerment Road Map™

In our efforts to create a successful wealth-management strategy, we will conduct a comprehensive internal review of your past and current investments and create a profile based on your stated investment objectives, risk tolerance and other factors deemed important for consideration to your overall financial picture. Based on this review, we will present an investment strategy designed with your ultimate financial goals in mind. All of the investment vehicles that we recommend as part of your portfolio will be reviewed and explained so that you have a clear understanding of them. Knowledge of and confidence in your overall plan are critical ingredients to a successful relationship between you and your team at Brown & Tedstrom.

Part 3 | Discipline: The Perpetual Goal Tracker™

Once a strategy has been implemented, it requires discipline to stick with your plan.
We will be regularly monitoring your portfolio to make sure that as markets and the larger economy fluctuate, the integrity of your overall strategy is maintained. Our progress review meetings include a review of the ongoing and comprehensive reporting we utilize to manage your portfolio, a discussion about performance and ongoing clarification to determine the need for any adjustments.