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Vonda Charboneau wins “Above the Call” Admin of the Year Award

I am happy to announce that my executive assistant and integral team member, Vonda Charboneau, was awarded the “Above The Call” Admin of the Year Award last Friday. She received the award at a luncheon in front of over 1,000 of her peers here in Denver.  Vonda is known for her excellent client service and always going above and beyond for our clients, team members, and my family. We are very happy for her and the honor is well deserved.

As we all know, Vonda is a special person and it’s wonderful that she was recognized. It’s not in her nature to look for recognition, though when her story is told, it is clear that she is great at what she does. Please join me in congratulating Vonda for her exceptional work over the last 20 years at Brown & Tedstrom, Inc.













































The Brown Team – from left to right: Ryan Csrnko, Candidate for CFP® certification, Martin Walsh, MBA, CFP®, Erin Buis, Mark R. Brown, CFP®, Vonda Charboneau, Sara Tower, Jennifer Garner, and Justin Cassida, MBA, CFP®. 

















My best to you and your family this holiday season.





Mark R. Brown, CFP®

Managing Partner

Qualifications for the Above the Call Admin of the Year Award include exceptional customer experience, phenomenal first impression and serving internal and external customers with professionalism, enthusiasm, and care.

Mark R. Brown

Written by: Mark R. Brown

Mark R. Brown is the Managing Partner of Brown & Tedstrom, Inc., a professional advisory firm serving clients across the United States. We provide strategic financial guidance to help manage the wealth of professionals, executives, business owners and their families to help develop financial strategies that seek to address all the stages of wealth – accumulation, preservation, & transfer.